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Industry Updates: September 2019

Think Twice Before Using CCAP

By Kramer, Elkins & Watt   In Wisconsin, over the last decade or so, ‘CCAPing’ (pronounced ‘see-capping’) has become a verb.  It’s how many of us check someone out, whether it be a friend, that creepy neighbor, our boyfriend’s wacky ex-girlfriend, a potential suitor, or a potential employee.  Stop right there.  Did you say, potential employee?  If … read more

Oct. 14 Packers Tickets Auction to Benefit THF

Packers fans!  A member has graciously donated two premier club seats (face value of $738) to the Monday, October 14th Packers game against the Detroit Lions….with auction proceeds benefiting Tomorrow’s Home Foundation!  If you would like to make a bid on the tickets, please send it to (Or call us at 608-255-3131 or fax … read more

Expanding Manufactured Home Financing

If you have not heard yet, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have developed loan programs specifically for manufactured homes. This a first step to providing more financing opportunities for manufactured homes. These programs were created to help reach an underserved population and offer more opportunities for Americans to become homeowners. Both programs are for homes … read more