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Buying a home is the most important decision many families will ever make. Buying the right home is dependent upon a lot of factors. That's why we urge home shoppers to not just browse floor plans and admire pictures, but to meet face-to-face with a housing professional. Your housing professional helps families everyday transform their ideas into their dream home. Chose the For Buyers tab above to help get you started.

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A license is required to install manufactured homes. Click here for a complete resource list.


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"I have had to spend a lot of money since my dad died and I took over (his business)...but joining the WI Housing Alliance has been the best money spent by far!"

"I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to someone like me ...to have someone there beside you.  You all are lifesavers."  

Who We Are

The Wisconsin Housing Alliance (formerly know as the Wisconsin Manufactured Housing Association), incorporated in 1949, was originally formed to address concerns with manufactured home manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and community owners. In 2003, the organization recognized the needs of modular home manufacturers and builders. In doing so, it expanded its membership offerings and representation. As a part of that process, it changed its name.

The Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors which determines the polices, membership offerings and programs for membership.